The Sustainable University-Industry Collaboration (SUIC)

The Sustainable University-Industry Collaboration (SUIC) program at UNAIR is a proactive initiative aimed to support partnerships between academic faculties and industrial partners. With a primary focus on elevating university internationalization and achieving Key Performance Indicator (IKU) 6 objectives. Especially, the deepening collaboration between academia and industry.

The program consists of various activities. These include facilitating faculty workshops such as seminars and webinars in collaboration with industry on relevant themes. Industry-sponsored events and Problem Based Learning that organize academic activities, student affairs, and community outreach programs seeking financial assistance from industrial partners in the form of partial or total financial assistance.

Furthermore, the program engages in industry curriculum credentialing by conducting career development activities through training or certification with relevant industries, such as internships and career development, This comprehensive approach aims to intensify cooperation with industrial partners through Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi activities such as academic activities, research, and community service.