Student Testimonials

Living in Indonesia has been an eye-opening experience and studying at Universitas Airlangga has given me a channel to experience tremendous personal growth. I’ve made lifelong international friends and have grown out of my comfort zone by cohabitating with them as well. Being at the cultural epicenter of Indonesia allowed me to explore within and beyond Surabaya and experience the amazing food, culture and the kindest people I have ever met. Within academics, I was also able to learn a lot through the capable faculty of Humanities and develop further on my studies as a Sociology and Anthropology major. AGE has also been a pillar of strength and care throughout my entire journey as an AMERTA student. Terima kasih UNAIR dan Surabaya!

Aisha Aamir, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan

For me, Indonesia in short, has an amazing people, food and diverse culture. Not to forget, UNAIR has also given me a top tier education experience, and they also have the sweetest lecturer ever! A dream came true!

Putra Darwish Bin Mohd Kamil, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

Three quarter of my AMERTA exchange at UNAIR are over already. Looking back, I had quite a tough start. The Best Buddies helped me a lot in the beginning to get to know important places and some history of Surabaya. Thanks to AGE we got offered a bahasa Indonesian class which helps me a lot to get around in Surabaya and to get more in touch with the Indonesian people. Getting used to the food, the traffic, the daily life in Surabaya I really started to feel home here now.

Lina Patricia Gutjahr, Universitat des Saarlandes