Research Lecture at Universitas Airlangga is an international program specifically targeted to the priority academic peers of UNAIR from the Top QS WUR 200 by subject universities. The main objective of the program is to enhance the involvement of the priority academic peers of UNAIR in the academic activities at the department/faculty/unit/institutes of UNAIR through the use of guest lecturers or public lecturers on Sustainable Development Goals.

List of Faculty Representatives

  1. Faculty of Medicine: Dr.Asra Al Fauzi, dr., SE., MM., Sp.BS (K), FICS, IFAANS (email:
  2. Faculty of Dental Medicine: Nurina Febriyanti Ayuningtyas,drg., M.Kes.,Ph.D,,Sp.PM(K) (email:
  3. Faculty of Pharmacy: Mrs. Gesnita Nugraheni, S.Farm., M.Sc., Apt (email:
  4. Faculty of Nursing: Mrs. Lingga Curnia Dewi, S.Kep.Ns.,M.Kep (email:
  5. Faculty of Public Health: Shinta Arta Mulia, S.KM,M.KKK.,M.GPH (email:
  6. Faculty of Science & Technology: Dr. Nurina Fitriani, S.T (email:
  7. Faculty of Fisheries & Marine: Mrs. Dwi Yuli Pujiastuti, S.Pi., M.P., M.Sc (email:
  8. Faculty of Humanities: Mr. David Segoh, S.S., M.Ed., Ph.D (email:
  9. Faculty of Social and Political Science: Mr. Agastya Wardhana S.Hub.Int., M.Hub.Int (email:
  10. Faculty of Law: A. Indah Camelia, S.H., M.H (email:
  11. Faculty of Psychology: Mrs. Valina Khiarin Nisa, S.Psi., M.Sc (email:
  12. Faculty of Economy & Business: Martha Ranggi Primanthi, S.E., MIDEC. (email:
  13. Faculty of Veterinary: Dr. Hartanto Mulyo Raharjo, drh., M.Si. (email:
  14. Faculty of Vocational Studies: Umi Farichah Bascha, S.E.,M.M (email:
  15. Faculty of Advanced Technology & Multidiscipline: Mrs. Mirza A. Saputra , Ph.D (email:
  16. School of Post Graduate Studies: Aditya Prana Iswara, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D. (email:
  17. The Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Natural Sciences: Susy Katikana Sebayang, S.P., M.Sc., Ph.D. (email: