Regional ambassador

| Description |

The Regional Ambassador (RA) program is an integral part of Airlangga Global Engagement’s (AGE) designed to facilitate the achievement of performance targets set for 2024. Regional Ambassador has a role in supporting the internationalization strategy, especially to assist in achieving the targets of Airlangga Global Engagement.

UNAIR lecturers currently pursuing studies abroad actively participate in this program, contributing their diverse perspectives and experiences. Their involvement includes offering innovative ideas to enhance internationalization activities and collaborating closely with AGE to effectively implement strategic initiatives aimed at fostering global connections and enriching the university’s international profile.

| Program Timeline |

2 January 2024Program kick-off
3 – 21 January 2024 Registration Period
24 January 2024Announcement of Selection Result
26 January 2024Technical Meeting Regional Ambassador
8 May 2024Monitoring Activity I
11 September 2024Monitoring Activity II
16 – 23 October 2024Submission of Proposed Activities by Regional Ambassador
February – October 2024Implementation of Proposed Activities by Regional Ambassador