Global Partnership and Promotion division at Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) is responsible for the internationalization initiatives at UNAIR through the attempts in initiating international collaboration, initiating university-industry collaboration, managing international institutions’ visit to UNAIR, Connecting UNAIR with international institutions through the collaboration with UNAIR Regional Ambassadors overseas and improving global visibility of UNAIR through digital engagement initiatives. If you require further information regarding the aforementioned inquiries with Global Partnership and Promotion division, be sure to refer to the following contact details

1. For more information about initiating partnership collaboration, be sure to reach us at:

2. For more information about university-industry collaboration, be sure to reach us at:

3. For more information about visiting Universitas Airlangga for any specific purposes, be sure to reach us at:

4. For more information about media partner and communication, be sure to reach us at: