aIRVENTURE (Airlangga Adventure)

AIRVENTURE was organized successfully with the topic of wildlife protection in 2022. This initiative has brought 20 international students to Surabaya, Pasuruan, and Banyuwangi in partnership with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the UMAP consortium. Furthermore, Universitas Airlangga is reopening opportunities for international students (non-Indonesian Citizens) to take part in AIRVENTURE in 2024. Later, this program will focus on preserving marine habitats with the theme “Protecting Marine Biodiversity”.

At the moment, biodiversity is one of the most hotly debated concerns. Biodiversity is thought to provide numerous environmental and societal benefits. These advantages range from environmental to social to economic to natural resources. Then, one way to mitigate the biodiversity crisis is to raise public awareness of and safeguard conservation areas. Efforts to maintain marine environments, not only in Indonesia but globally, are components of behaviors that have the potential to harm marine habitats, minimize pollutants, conserve coral reefs, fish ethically, and save endangered species.

As a result, Universitas Airlangga urges international students to actively participate in biodiversity conservation. Every simple action we do can have a significant impact on environmental preservation.

Topic: “Protecting Marine Biodiversity”