About Surabaya

Surabaya is the biggest and the oldest city in Indonesia, with total area of 330.45 km2 and total population of more than 3 million people at night and more than 5 million people at work hours. It is located on the northeast of Java Island. Surabaya is a seaport with Tanjung Perak Port as its main port. Tanjung Perak Port serves as the hub/center for inter-island shipping in the Eastern region of Indonesia.

The name Surabaya was originated from many sources. On the delta of Brantas river estuary, many settlements big and small exist for a long time with distinct names, among others Surabayan, Ujung, etc. In the history of Kublai Khan, three of its mighty battleships have been defeated in Ujung Galuh (1293AD). Surabaya also known as the city of heroes, the title was given related to the heroic spirit and commemorate the battle of surabaya in 10 November 1945.

People from different ethnicities coming from the eastern part of Indonesia (such as Maduranese, Balinese, etc.) have been visiting and living in Surabaya as the result. In addition to the two ethnic groups mentioned above, people of Chinese, Arabians, and Indians descendants also inhabit the city along with the native Surabayans (Javanese), making Surabaya to be a multi-ethnic and multi-religion city.

Surabaya is the longest living city with the same name in Indonesia. The name Surabaya appeared in Nagarakretagama, a eulogy to King Hayam Wuruk of the great Majapahit Kingdom written on lontar leaves in 1365. Historian also believed that the armada of Kublai Khan was beaten around the harbour area of Surabaya in 1293.

Universitas Airlangga is recognized as one of the best universities in Indonesia and one of the leading regional universities in Southeast Asia and Asia. In recent years, Universitas Airlangga has placed itself on the world ranking, proof that Universitas Airlangga is continually strengthening its position in global recognition. Since the reaffirmation of UNAIR’s establishment in 1954, the university has performed its part for the nation. Universitas Airlangga was a center of national education and inspired its students to be policy makers and national leaders, even up to the recent era.

The major campus of Universitas Airlangga is located in Surabaya, the city of heroes. The university maintains ecology conservation while developing academic facilities. In the next few years, Universitas Indonesia will complete several projects of future development to advance campus facilities, sharpen the integrated campus concept, and develop innovation in research and technology.

Universitas Airlangga is an active member of regional as well as international associations, such as APRU, AUN, IIE and 7 other international associations. This opens opportunities for all ‘civitas-academica’ to share knowledge with global community.

The program is run in cooperation with 12 partner overseas universities enabling graduates to hold two degrees, one from UNAIR and the other from the partner university.

The main research activities are conducted in three clusters; health, science and technology, and humanities and social sciences. Health cluster research is done in the field of, for example, stem cell research and infected disease., science and technology research is targeted at, for example, Marine Technology and Nano Technology. Humanities and social science research focus on several fields, such as indigenous studies and entrepreneurial society. Research activity at Universitas Airlangga is facilitated by 64 research centers and supported by funding gained from various sources, such as government, private institutions and multinational industries.

Universitas Airlangga opens opportunity for international students and scholars to experience the blend of traditional and modern culture of Indonesia while studying at once. The growing numbers of international researchers, degree and non-degree international students at Universitas Indonesia enrich the multicultural ambience at the campus. The students of UNAIR `are not only from domestic region of Indonesia but also of international students from 26 countries.

International students can save their financial expenses while studying at Universitas Indonesia. Most students benefit from the low cost of living expense in Surabaya, the UNAIR campus.