Vanya's portrait as IISMA awardee in South Korea

AGE News – The opportunity to participate in a student exchange program is one of the most desired experiences for many university students. These programs not only enhance academic and professional prospects, but also provide an invaluable cultural exchange. However, qualifying for a student exchange program is certainly not an easy task. One of the crucial requirements to qualify for a student exchange program is to create a compelling curriculum vitae (CV).

Talitha Vanya, a communication sciences student who qualified as an IISMA 2023 awardee at Hanyang University, South Korea, shares some tips on how to maximize CV for student exchange.

“The most important thing about writing an interesting CV is to be authentic and maximize your potential. Everyone has their own “X” factor, so find something special about yourself that makes you stand out from other applicants,” Vanya said.

Understand Your “Selling Points”

Identifying and articulating your unique strengths is crucial. According to Vanya, every student has distinctive qualities that can set them apart. Talk about your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and special projects or experiences that highlight your skills and interests. Emphasize these elements in your CV to show what makes you an outstanding candidate for a student exchange program.

Knowing Your Values and Strengths

“When you understand what you bring to the table, you can effectively communicate your unique contributions to the selection committee,” Vanya emphasized. Crafting a standout CV for a student exchange program requires careful consideration and strategic presentation of your strengths, achievements, and experiences. By knowing values and strengths, emphasizing leadership, problem-solving skills, cross-cultural experiences, relevant coursework, passion, and leveraging technology, students can create a compelling CV that captures the attention of the selection committee.

Align Your Goals with the Program’s Objectives

“Create Reasonings That Connect Your Value With Your Future Plan in the Host Country and University,” Vanya advises. This means articulating how your unique strengths and experiences align with the specific opportunities and challenges of the exchange program.

Start by understanding the objectives and offerings of the host university and country. Research the academic programs, cultural opportunities, and professional connections available. Vanya suggests explicitly linking your personal and academic goals with what the host country and university can provide.

Make it Standout by Using Appealing Words

Making CV look stand out involves more than listing experiences. It requires presenting them with appealing and impactful language. By using dynamic action verbs, highlighting quantifiable results, showcasing unique skills, incorporating relevant keywords, writing a compelling personal statement, using positive and confident language, and maintaining a professional tone.


Embarking on an exchange program is a transformative experience that can significantly enhance your academic and professional journey. A well-crafted CV is your first step towards this exciting opportunity. By following the tips and strategies shared by Talitha Vanya and incorporating appealing language, you can create a compelling CV that captures the attention of the selection committee and sets you on the path to an enriching exchange experience.

Author: Adinda Aulia Pratiwi – Communication Sciences – GLUCONS Participant

Editor: Zahra Hanifa Ramadhani – Digital Engagement Staff Intern