Chuo University students exploring Surabaya with Universitas Airlangga teams

AGE NEWS – Airlangga University welcomed international exchange students from Chuo University, Japan. Seven Japanese Chuo University students came to Airlangga University for student exchange at the Faculty of Humanities (FIB). They arrived on 26 February 2024 to learn about Indonesian culture and language. Prof. Purnawan Basundoro as dean of the Faculty of Humanities carried out the reception of the students. Prof. Purnawan expressed his joy over the long-standing collaboration between FIB and Chuo University.

These Chuo University students carried out activities at FIB UNAIR for three weeks. One of the Indonesian cultures they studied was the art of gamelan music. The students showed enthusiasm and interest in learning the art of gamelan music taught by gamelan experts and practitioners at FIB UNAIR.

This activity of studying gamelan is an effort by FIB UNAIR to introduce Indonesian culture to the international partner. Bahasa Indonesia was also introduced for learning as an effort to internationalize Indonesia’s official language. Dwi Sensei, the head of this student exchange program, explained the importance of studying Indonesian language and culture.

Understanding the language is understanding the culture. These two things cannot be separated,” said Dwi Sensei. “The activity of playing gamelan is one way for foreign students to experience firsthand the richness of Indonesian culture. Even though many people may already know about gamelan, the experience of playing and understanding the meaning behind it is a valuable experience,” he added.

On the farewell day, the seven cultural exchange students performed the gamelan they had learned. They also expressed their happiness, gratitude and impressions during the 3 weeks of student exchange.

“These students are amazing. Even though they only studied for three weeks, their ability to play the gamelan was amazing. They are also fluent in using Bahasa Indonesia,” said Prof. Purnawan on the day of farewell to the Chuo University students.

This student exchange collaboration also aligns with UNAIR’s efforts to broaden foreign students’ insight and knowledge about Indonesia. This activity also opens up opportunities for the internationalization of the Indonesian language. This is a reason for UNAIR to expand cooperation with international parties.

Author: Muhimatul Khoiriyah – Indonesian Language and Literature – GLUCONS Participant

Editor: Zahra Hanifa Ramadhani – Digital Engagement Staff Intern