Film-making Class at Singapore Polytechnic

AGE NEWS – Zora Calista, a communications student of Universitas Airlangga, has just completed an exciting experience by participating in a short course on filmmaking at Singapore Polytechnic. More than that, Zora and a few other communications program students were also allowed to assist in the filmmaking process conducted by a team from Singapore Polytechnic in Malang, East Java.

Journey to the Golden Opportunity

Zora Calista, who is currently studying communications, has shown a keen interest in film since the beginning of her studies. “I’ve always been interested in how a story can be brought to life through the camera and how movies can affect people’s emotions and views,” says Zora.

The opportunity to attend a short course at Singapore Polytechnic came through a student exchange program facilitated by her college. With dedication and a strong portfolio, Zora secured a place in the program.

At Singapore Polytechnic, Zora gained in-depth insight into various aspects of filmmaking, from scriptwriting, shooting, and editing. The instructors, who are professional practitioners in the film industry, provided a wealth of invaluable practical knowledge.

“I am very lucky to be able to learn from experts who are truly experienced in their fields. They teach techniques and share their experiences in this highly competitive industry,” Zora said.

Experience in Malang

After completing the short course in Singapore, Zora joined a team from Singapore Polytechnic to assist in their filmmaking project in Malang, East Java. The project focused on making a documentary about the culture and life of the people in Malang.

“Being an assistant in the production of this movie was a very valuable experience. I was able to see first-hand how the theories I learned were applied in the field. I learned a lot about production management and how to adapt to the various challenges that arose during the filming process,” Zora explained.

This experience not only enriched Zora’s knowledge and skills in filmmaking, but also opened up new opportunities for her future career. “I feel more confident to pursue my dreams in filmmaking. This experience proves that with hard work and dedication, nothing is impossible,” Zora added.

Writer: Adinda Aulia – Communication Science – GLUCONS Participants
Editor: Olivia Putri – Digital Engagement Staff Intern