The Student Scientific Writing Competition (KATULISTIWA 16) by Universitas Brawijaya is finally open. KATULISTIWA 16 is the largest work program organized by the Economics and Business Student Study Circle (LSME), Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya. In this 16th year, KATULISTIWA 16 returns with a hybrid format that features online and offline competitions. KATULISTIWA 16 focused on National Business Plan Competition (offline) and International Scientific Paper Competition (offline and online). KATULISTIWA 16 also presents a Virtual Talk Show event by inviting experts to explore the major theme of KATULISTIWA 16.

International students are encouraged to participate in this International Scientific Paper competition to improve the scientific thinking ability of students, and also to test the sharpness of analysis, creative ideas, intellectual, and critical level of students in facing and responding to issues that will be given through the activity role of young generation innovation and efforts to improve the concept of “Green Economy” in the Era of Society 5.0.

Official poster of The Student Scientific Writing Competition (KATULISTIWA 16)

The core of event will be held on:

  • Day: Monday & Satuday
  • Date: June 24th & June 29th, 2024
  • Series of Event: Presentation and Awarding

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