AGE NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) stands at the forefront of sustainable development initiatives in the Surabaya Immersion Program, alongside Petra Christian University (PCU) and Universitas Ciputra (UC). Supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore, this collaborative effort aims to advance sustainable development while fostering international partnerships.

With a focus on Sustainable Health and Environment, UNAIR offers tailored courses such as “Food and Nutrition Security” and “Water Management.” These courses equip participants with practical knowledge to navigate Indonesia’s environmental and public health challenges effectively.

Immersive site visits to key institutions like the Municipal Waterworks and PT. Sekar Laut Tbk. provide participants with firsthand insights into sustainable practices. These experiences align seamlessly with UNAIR’s vision for a sustainable future.

Throughout the program, UNAIR emphasizes the importance of advancing Sustainable Development Goals. Through expert-led courses and engaging discussions, participants gain profound insights and develop strategic interventions to address pressing environmental concerns.

The comprehensive four-day program features expert-led courses and immersive site visits, allowing participants to delve into topics such as “Food and Nutrition Security” and “Water Management.” These experiences equip participants with actionable knowledge essential for tackling complex health and environmental issues.

Exclusive site visits to renowned organizations like the Food Security Office and PT. Sekar Laut Tbk. offer participants unique opportunities to engage with industry leaders and community champions, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable practices and community-driven initiatives.

Through its active involvement, UNAIR aims to significantly contribute to the advancement of Sustainable Development Goals while fostering international collaboration. Grounded in a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, UNAIR continues to lead the charge towards sustainability for communities in Indonesia and beyond.